Matt Gaetz to introduce 'National Stand Your Ground Law' as a tribute to Kyle Rittenhouse
Twitter/screen grab

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said on Thursday that he would introduce a "National Stand Your Ground Law" as a reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse's prosecution.

Gaetz made the announcement on his Firebrand podcast.

"I do not believe in imposing on Americans a duty to retreat when someone else attempts to commit a felony against a victim," the lawmaker opined.

Gaetz said that gun owners on a "stroll" should have the option of killing anyone who threatens them.

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"If someone tries to kill you or beat you or dismember you, return fire and preserve your life," he recommended. "Let's reaffirm in our law what exists in our Constitution and the hearts of our fellow Americans. Stand your ground for America. Abolish the legal duty of retreat everywhere."

Rittenhouse's attorney recently condemned Gaetz and other Republicans after they offered the acquitted killer internships in Congress.

Watch the video below.