Conservative attorney bursts out laughing at Matt Gaetz’s ‘stupid’ attempt to defend himself: 'He really ought to zip it'
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On The McCarthy Report podcast this Thursday, former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and National Review editor Rich Lowry discussed the recent bombshell and evolving news story surrounding Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz's sexual proclivities, with McCarthy joking that the only thing that hasn't happened yet is that "he blamed the whole thing on Liz Cheney."

McCarthy went on to say that there's good reason to believe the reporting that says the investigation on Gaetz's alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl is true, adding that Gaetz publicly mentioning that he's the "subject" of the investigation -- which was reportedly initiated under former Attorney General Bill Barr -- was a dumb move.

McCarthy said Gaetz remark was a "stupid thing to say if you want to put yourself in a good light."

McCarthy emphasized that the claim that Gaetz trafficked a minor across states lines has not been proven. "But, Gaetz, I think, he'd like to be Donald Trump. He's not. And it's very foolish of him to try to carry off the Trump routine that he can keep talking and talk his way through these things," McCarthy said.

"If you're his lawyer, you'd be going, 'Shut up!' ... So, he really ought to zip it, but apparently that's not his style and he thinks he can go off the Trump routine and it remains to be seen, but I think he's saying a lot of things that could end up being a problem for him," McCarthy continued.

Listen to the full podcast over at The National Review. The relevant portion begins at around 36:00.