Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) (Photo: Gage Skidmore)​

Harry Litman, former US Attorney and asst. deputy attorney general, explained that the extensive plea agreement of former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg isn't looking good for anyone implicated.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace with former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) Monday, Litman explained that the 88-page document included "everything."

"If as all indications suggest, we're talking about Gaetz and that plea agreement said he also had -- that this woman — or girl really had sex with other men that he brought in and had drugs with her first and the like, Gaetz is in a terrible position and really there's a mountain of evidence already against him and they have shown it in this very document," said Litman. "All of which Greenberg signed off on and said in front of the court, which made a finding, that this is accurate and what would be proven if he went to trial."

McCaskill, who also served as a former prosecutor, explained that the prosecution of Greenberg has been put together with an eye toward another prosecution.

"The amount of specificity in this plea deal is unusual," she explained. "And you say, why did they need all that? What they're doing here is they're building up Greenberg's credibility. These two guys were arrogant punks that thought they could live this wild lifestyle, immoral, drugs, 17-year-old, underage women, paying women for sex and that they would never be accountable. [So, they used electronic devices. So, they have tied the facts here to electronic communications. So, Matt Gaetz is taking a page out of the Trump book say, 'What, me? I did something naughty' or 'That was just locker room talk.' They're going to be able to build up the credibility of the chief witness against him, which is Greenberg and in all likelihood that Gaetz was involved in the trafficking of this girl, paid for sex with her and I have a feeling Greenberg is not the only witness here."

She went on to call Gaetz "an idiot" for showing photos of nude women he said he'd slept with to his Congressional colleagues on the House floor.

"Now, where the hell are all the Republicans? The people who want to lecture us about women when we should have the ability to control our own bodies. Where are they today?" McCaskill continued. "Why aren't they speaking up against this guy? It is unbelievable the women in the Republican Party do not call this man out right now. They're going to end up looking stupid when he pleads guilty, which I predict he probably will or be found guilty by a jury."

Litman went on to say that the timeline will likely be accelerated in the coming days, and all of the evidence necessary is there. While there is the case of hiring an underage girl for sex, there's also a scandal involving a free trip to the Bahamas as well as a quid pro quo for medical marijuana contracts.

"He's in big, big trouble and I don't see how he wriggles out from this one main charge," said Litman.

While Greenberg can plead out and hang a larger fish, Gaetz doesn't have that luxury as he is the larger fish, allegedly.

McCaskill and Wallace went on to denounce the Republican Party for being unwilling to stand up against sex trafficking by a Republican tax collector in Florida because they were too preoccupied with ousting Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

"Crickets, with an alleged sex trafficker," Wallace said of Gaetz and the GOP. "This is a big deal! It's a 10-year mandatory minimum federal sentence for sex trafficking a minor. Where does the Republican Party stand for any sort of morality anymore? I guess when you're pro big lie, morality isn't really on the table?"

Gaetz continues to deny any possible wrongdoing.

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