Kari Lake advisor hit with $10 million lawsuit as Matt Schlapp legal drama grows
Matt Schlapp / Gage Skidmore

The sexual misconduct allegations against conservative operative Matt Schlapp have resulted in another lawsuit.

The second lawsuit is a defamation lawsuit for nearly $10 million filed against Caroline Wren, who recently headed Harmeet Dhillon's campaign for chair of the Republican National Committee. Wren also led Kari Lake's failed campaign for Governor of Arizona.

The lawsuit was filed in the Washington, D.C. district court, according to POLITICO. Schlapp is the chairman of the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC).

The lawsuit states that the alleged incident happened in October when Schlapp was stumping for Republican Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker. According to the first lawsuit filed on Jan. 17 the incident occurred on Oct. 19 after the plaintiff was driving Schlapp back from the Walker event.

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The plaintiff has accused Schlapp of "aggressively fondling" his "genital area in a sustained fashion" at which time the plaintiff was "frozen with fear and panic.

Wren is accused of publicly posting the plaintiff's name in tweets and damaging his career by stating that he had been fired from multiple jobs for lying and deceptive behavior. Wren ignored a Jan. 12 letter from the plaintiff's lawyer requesting her to retract the statements.

The plaintiff is seeking over $500,000 damages from Wren.