Neo-Nazi Marine planned killing spree of nonwhite people — and mass rapes to 'increase the production of white children': Feds
A man aiming a handgun (Shutterstock)

On Tuesday, Rolling Stone reported that Matthew Belanger, a former Marine with neo-Nazi ideology, plotted with a group known as "Rapekrieg" to engineer a killing spree of nonwhite people — as well as mass rapes of white women to increase white fertility.

"In a July 14 court memo, federal prosecutors say that, while a Marine, Belanger plotted far more serious crimes as part of the neo-Nazi group," reported Adam Rawnsley and Seamus Hughes. "The memo says Belanger trained with airsoft guns in the woods of Long Island as part of plot to attack the 'Zionist Order of Governments.' The memo also says Belanger was the subject of an FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce investigation into allegedly plotting to 'engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault.' Much of Belanger’s ideology and plotting, the memo says, is based around a desire to lessen the number of non-white Americans and to rape 'white women to increase the production of white children.'"

Belanger served in the Marines for two years between 2019 and 2021, and was removed with an Other Than Honorable discharge — a punishment reserved for serious misconduct — after Marine Corps officials and the FBI searched his barracks and discovered his electronic devices contained thousands of "images, videos, and documents" of white power ideology and "violent uncensored executions and/or rape."

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"In a criminal complaint against Belanger filed June 8, prosecutors allege he violated federal firearms policy twice by purchasing guns via a strawman," said the report. "In one case, prosecutors claim an unnamed New York police officer purchased a PTR91 assault rifle for Belanger while he was stationed in Hawaii. Belanger allegedly had the same officer purchase a Luger, a handgun 'which was used by the Nazi armed forces during World War II,' for almost $1,000, FBI agents noted in an affidavit."

The Pentagon has been fighting in recent years to root out extremist ideologies within the military.

In another recent incident, a neo-Nazi terror cell within the Marines known as BSN was plotting to attack the power grid and carry out a series of assassinations to achieve their goal of creating a white ethnostate.