Texas shooter shared swastika tattoos and mall surveillance photos online
Odnoklassniki/screen grab

A Texas mass shooter shared surveillance photos online of the mall where he killed eight people.

Bellingcat researcher Aric Toler located one social media profile created by gunman Mauricio Garcia. Using the Russian Odnoklassniki platform, Garcia posted extensive writings that included Nazi symbolism and right-wing slogans.

On April 16, Garcia posted what appeared to be surveillance video of the mall in Allen where the shooting would later take place.

Screen captures showed Garcia was using Google to monitor peak times of traffic at the mall.

In an April 22 post, Garcia shared a photo of what appeared to be the tactical vest that he was wearing during the shooting. It included a patch with the letters "RWDS" — an acronym for "Right Wing Death Squad."

In another April 22 post, Garcia complained about "diversity" and showed off a swastika tattoo and other Nazi tattoos.

Garcia posted writings that defended mass shootings, praised Adolf Hitler, and expressed hate for women.

"Go tell aunt Rhody that everybody is dead," Garcia wrote in his final post, referring to lyrics from a video game.

He then quoted from Kenotia's "You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie In It."

"I can't unbreak something that's broken now / This is over for me / This is just the way it has to be / I'm so sorry," the post said.

View some of Garcia's social media posts below.