Tennessee students threaten in shocking video to burn Black people on a cross

A pair of students are no longer enrolled at a Tennessee boarding school following the emergence of a shocking racist video, reported Local 3 News on Wednesday.

"A spokesperson for McCallie School says the two students who posted the video with racial slurs to Snapchat are no longer enrolled at the school," reported Liam Collins. "'The young men felt that it was acceptable to say what they said,' said Rev. Ann Pierre, the president of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County branch of the NAACP. 'So that tells me that this is not the first time.'"

According to the report, the students, who were not identified because of their age, "are shown in the video using a range of racial slurs, making monkey noises, and threatening to burn Black people on a cross." 11 Alive provided more details of the videos, revealing that one student in the video said, "You're gonna be on your knees calling me master before you know it, boy," and, "Watch your step, (expletive) boy. I'll show you what my ancestors did to your kind."

"What was said on that video saddens and angers me in many ways, most especially for our Black students... I am sorry for the pain and hurt it caused," said Lee Burns, the director the school. "There is no place at McCallie for making comments that demean an individual based on race, religion, country, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other identity marker." The school also clarified that the incident led to "disciplinary measures, including expulsion."

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Similar incidents around the country have triggered widespread shock and national outrage.

Earlier this month, a school in California was rocked by an incident in which a seventh grader took images of five students and the principal, all of whom are Black or mixed-race, and created an Instagram collage captioned "Happy black history month to all of the monkeys."