Kevin McCarthy pushing for Eric Swalwell's removal from House Intelligence  committee: report

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Thursday introduced a resolution calling for Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee amid speculation about his alleged ties to a Chinese spy.

According to Axios, McCarthy's resolution stems from a report published back in December where Swalwell was named as one of the Democratic lawmakers targeted by a woman named Christine Fang, described as a "Chinese national and suspected spy" whom he began working with back in 2012.

After receiving an FBI briefing about Fang's status, Swalwell is said to have cut the woman off. At the time, Swalwell was not accused of being involved in any wrongdoing. However, in the resolution, McCarthy claims Swalwell "has not denied public reporting that a suspected Chinese intelligence operative helped raise money for Representative Swalwell's political campaigns" and "other troublesome elements of public reporting."

During a brief discussion with Punchbowl News, McCarthy said, "I don't think that person should be on Intel."

He added, "Based upon the information I was given and the speaker was given by the FBI, there is no way he should be on that committee at all."

Since Democratic lawmakers have a sizable majority in the House, the top-ranking Republican lawmaker's initiative will likely fail. McCarthy's resolution also comes shortly after Swalwell's response to the previous Axios report about his connection to Fang. Despite the report, the House lawmaker insisted that it would not lead to him losing his position within the House Intelligence Committee.

Swalwell said, "I'm eager to continue the important work of protecting Americans and supporting the hard-working heroes of our Intelligence Community, and I thank Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff for their support and confidence."