Meghan McCain slammed after 'Fox News Christmas tree' fire meltdown
Meghan McCain (Screen Grab)

Meghan McCain is going berserk over the Fox News Christmas tree fire. Very early Wednesday morning a 49-year old man was arrested after police say he set fire to the tree, which is outside the Fox News headquarters in midtown Manhattan.

"Police say the man acted alone and the incident didn't appear to be premeditated or politically motivated. Charges against him are pending," NBC New York reported. The New York Times adds that "police said they believed that he was homeless and were investigating whether drugs or mental illness had played a factor."

McCain, a former Fox News employee and former co-host on "The View," unleashed her anger on Twitter where she defended the GOP.

"I don't want to hear anything about how radical some of you believe republicans to be when there are lunatics running around New York City setting Fox News Christmas tree on fire," she tweeted, typos and grammatical errors included.

McCain was quickly mocked for comparing Republicans' assault on the U.S. Capitol, voting rights, reproductive rights, education, and cherished American institutions such as the right to have confidence in the integrity of the electoral system, to – as one observer put it, a "minor property crime."

At some point she deleted the tweet, but her anger washed into her other messages, including directly calling a former Biden advisor an "asshole."

Here's how some are responding to McCain's upset: