The View's Meghan McCain gets schooled by Sunny Hostin after blaming Democrats for conservative anti-vaxxers
"The Views" Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin (Photos: Screen capture)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain blamed Democrats for what she called "bad messaging" around masks and the vaccine as the coronavirus pandemic enters its next phase.

According to McCain, saying that people still have to wear masks despite being vaccinated gives conservatives no incentive to get the vaccine to begin with. The goal of the coronavirus vaccine is to prevent people from dying or being hospitalized with severe cases of the virus. Presumably, that would be the incentive for being vaccinated — to avoid death. But that isn't enough of an incentive for some conservatives, McCain argued.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg disputed the claim that it's somehow liberals calling conservatives or evangelicals "hillbillies" for refusing to get the vaccine.

"I do think that part of the problem is that if we don't all do it if we don't all wear the mask, it means it's spotty. It's like wifi," said Goldberg. "It's just not smooth. The truth of the matter is, yeah, there's a lot of reasons to be concerned about your personal space. At some point, it becomes about what is good for the country and we're seeing that the -- what's happening in India -- we've lived through that already."

She harkened back to a time when people were getting measles again because anti-vaccine people were refusing to vaccinate their children against it.

But it was Sunny Hostin, after the commercial break, who schooled McCain's assessment, saying that it isn't Democrats promoting anti-vaccine rhetoric or encouraging people to "own the libs" by not being vaccinated.

"In terms of this messaging, that's the kind of messaging that's coming from [Gov. Kristi] Noem (R-SD) and Republicans," said Hostin. "Republicans are spreading bad messages to other Republicans. Republicans seem to think that owning the libs is not wearing a mask. Tucker Carlson and Fox News are actually questioning the efficacy of the vaccine and then telling people to go up to other people and confront them telling them to take off their masks. The reason people can't take off their masks is because the variant is spreading among all the Republicans and white evangelicals that are refusing to get vaccinated. That's what the problem is, in terms of messaging. It's not on the left. It's not on Democrats. It's Republican on Republican."

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