'I didn't want to be alive anymore': Duchess Meghan revealed Palace wouldn't allow her mental health help
Photo: Screen capture

Duchess Meghan revealed that she wanted to commit suicide after the flood of attacks on her while she was in Buckingham Palace. She said that she went to the senior members of the institution to ask for help and said that she wanted to see someone, but she was told that it wouldn't be good for the institution.

Meghan said that she was having thoughts in the middle of the night about harming herself. He said that she shouldn't go to one of the events and that she told Harry that she had to go because she couldn't be alone. She said that Harry was supportive and that she was able to reach out to one of Harry's mother's friends to talk and for help.

When Meghan went to the hierarchy of the institution and said that in her old job she was a member of the union and would be able to get help and be taken care of, she was told that she's not a paid employee.

She said that she felt guilty telling Harry and admitting she needed help because "he already carries the weight of the world on his shoulders."

See the shocking video below: