Megyn Kelly brutally flattened by MSNBC host for trying to 'crawl her way back into social relevance'
Megyn Kelly appears on Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

One-time Fox News personality Megyn Kelly received harsh criticism on Saturday from MSNBC anchor Tiffany Cross.

"Okay, so normally you guys know I use this time to address something or someone relevant who has warranted some sort of ire from the community. However, this week i'm taking a slightly different approach and addressing someone completely irrelevant. I'm speaking, of course, about Megyn Kelly, the 50-year-old bully is trying to bulldoze her way back into relevance that only comes to women like her for being a provocateur, not for offering any type of intellectual input," Cross said. "Nevertheless, here we are. Why? Because the blackface connoisseur, who had to apologize for ridiculously asking why it was racist for white people to wear a blackface for halloween, is now going after someone less than half her age, but has twice her intelligence."

"23-year-old Naomi Osaka, who announced she would not participate in post-match interviews, conferences, during the French Open, and ultimately ended up leaving altogether, and withdrawing from Wimbledon, citing her own mental health," she explained. "Now, Kelly accused Osaka of not being genuine after the tennis star beautifully graced the covers of multiple magazines. Which were, of course, shot months prior, which Osaka explained in a since deleted tweet."

Osaka told Kelly to "do better."

"When Osaka blocked Kelly on Twitter, this woman said that Naomi just didn't like tough questions. Such insight from the land of the inconsequential. But also, 'girl bye!' First, shout out to all of you prioritizing your mental health, especially when dealing with someone who spews nonsense like this," she said, playing a clip of Kelly claiming Santa and Jesus were white.

Cross said, "it's no coincidence that Snow White and the seven dumb takes she's had recently overwhelmingly target black women." She cited Kelly's comments on Nikole Hannah-Jones, Meghan Markle, and Gwen Barry.

"Kelly is really just trying to crawl her way back into social relevance and into the hearts of Fox News viewers, all benefiting from the work we do. We're quite used to it, but when it comes to us, sister, stop punching above your weight. You keep asking for smoke that you don't want. you want to act like a high school mean girl and you'll get treated that way," Cross said.

"Let the grown women speak. You're not invited to this table, you don't have the range," she added.