Melania Trump made an underling write her own thank-you notes for White House residence staff: report

On Wednesday, CNN reported that outgoing First Lady Melania Trump instructed someone else to write her thank-you notes to the White House residence staff.

"The 80 or so staff who received the type written notes were under the assumption the first lady had written them herself. Instead, Trump tasked a lower-level East Wing staffer with writing them 'in her voice,' and she signed her name," reported Kaitlin Bennet.

"One of the sources discussing the 'thank you' notes with CNN said it is customary for first ladies — and occasionally presidents as well — to write cards or short letters of gratitude to members of household staff, especially the ones whom they get to know extremely well," said the report. "Much of the correspondence includes personal anecdotes and the letters become 'cherished keepsakes' for the residence staff, says the source."

Melania, who reportedly is eager to depart from Washington, was also the first First Lady in modern history to refuse to give her successor a tour of the White House.