Dems grow increasingly frustrated with Merrick Garland's 'apolitical' style: report
(Screenshot via PBS Newshour/YouTube)

In the wake of President Biden's successful nomination of Merrick Garland to the position of attorney general, Democrats aren't always loving the results, according to a report from Business Insider.

"In the eight months since his confirmation as attorney general, Garland has proven himself as anything but a politically-attuned firebrand. His measured, mild-mannered approach has stuck with him from his quasi-monastic past life as a federal judge, and frustration among some Biden's allies has only grown as they experience Garland's methodical ways of running a DOJ that must reckon with the Trump years and an invigorated onslaught of partisan political attacks," writes Business Insider's C. Ryan Barber.

As Barber points out, Garland's "political limitations" were apparent during a recent round of questioning during congressional oversight hearings.

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"He didn't do great, but a huge factor is that he's never been the type of individual that plays the political show that Republicans play," a Democratic Senate aide told Insider. "We learned a lot from that oversight hearing."

Matt Miller, who served in the Obama administration as the top spokesperson for former Attorney General Eric Holder, said that Garland "could have walked into the hearing and said, 'You're damn right I'm worried about the safety of school board members, the same way I'm worried about the safety of election workers, the same way I'm worried about your safety since your building was attacked on January 6th,.'"

"I don't think it's his natural style," Miller added, "to be a pugilistic fighter."

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