Listen to Paul Gosar's brother tell Merrick Garland to investigate sibling for his call to 'conquer the Hill'
Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ). Image via screengrab.

Family members of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) continue to demand action against their brother, who they believe is a white supremacist and helped plot the attack on the Capitol Jan. 6.

Speaking to MSNBC's Joy Reid, Dave Gosar noted that he wishes people would stop using the term "white nationalist" because it's nothing more than a polite way of saying "white supremacist."

"You don't get to say you're not a racist when you're cohorting with racists; when you're amplifying their message when you're encouraging them; when you're refusing to renounce them," said Mr. Gosar. "You don't get to say, 'I'm not a racist.' You don't get to say 'I'm not a racist' when you're an outright birther and, you know, you've engaged in activities and statements throughout your tenure in Congress that are clearly associating yourself with racists."

"I think he absolutely incited that riot," the congressman's brother continued. "You know, [Donald] Trump, [Rudy] Giuliani, Don Jr., all these other guys, [Mo] Brooks, they all had a part to play in it. But absolutely, yes, there's a video of him with [Nick] Fuentes prior to the insurrection where he's telling the crowd, 'You've got to take the hill, you get to go back home once we've conquered The Hill and Donald Trump has returned to being president.' During or just prior to this attack on the Capitol, he's tweeting out 'I want Biden's resignation on my desk, don't make me come over there and get it,' and he shows a whole mob there. That congresswoman that detailed the tweets ahead of this, he's got 70 pages of her 200-page document there, just him alone, far and away the most tweets, you know, connected to this whole event."

He went on to say that Attorney General Merrick Garland has low-hanging fruit with arrests like Gosar and Jan. 6 architect Ali Alexander.

"I call on Merrick Garland and ask him what the heck is taking so long?" Mr. Gosar continued. "I mean, how has Ali Alexander dropped out of sight all this time? You know, why hasn't anybody tracked him down and asked him questions? Isn't that curious? I mean, even the media. Why is the media leaving Ali Alexander alone?

He closed by calling on his brother to be removed from office for not only disgracing himself but, "he has done so many things to hurt people. you know, just to further his own interests."

See the interview below:

Paul Gosar's brother