Trump doesn't think Merrick Garland will charge him — but aides fear he's wrong: report
Donald Trump (AFP)

The Independent is reporting that an insider of Donald Trump's community revealed that the ex-president was playing a kind of game of chicken with Attorney General Merrick Garland over possible illegal behavior.

A confidante spoke to the site about that the distinction between the latest scandal and previous ones where he went up against the Justice Department.

"They suggested that the rapidly changing excuses emanating from Trumpworld reflects his inner circle’s lack of capacity to handle what could end up being the first-ever criminal indictment of a former president," the report explained.

One point that the Independent makes is that Trump doesn't have the top-tier lawyers that he once did as the president during the Russia probe.

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“He's not even lined up with the best legal team to defend him in this situation. He's run through all the attorneys who would take one for him,” a former Trump administration and campaign official told the site.

The ever-evolving excuses have become a point of conversation on cable news, but also mockery among social media activists claiming the ex-president can't get his story straight.

Meanwhile, Trump doesn't fully understand the seriousness of the situation, the piece claimed. People around him are divided into two opinions: those that know it's serious and those who think Garland would never act on a former president.

“He doesn’t think Garland has the balls to truly take him on,” the Trump insider said. “And the people who think this is a political problem are drowning out the ones who actually understand how this stuff works.”