Former federal prosecutor doesn't think Merrick Garland will become Trump's taxpayer-funded lawyer

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner was asked Tuesday about the recent report that Attorney General Merrick Garland is considering working as former President Donald Trump's lawyer in lawsuits involving the Jan. 6 attacks.

"Biden's Justice Department used that rationale in a surprise decision this month to continue defending Trump in a case filed by E. Jean Carroll, who contends Trump raped her 25 years ago and then lied about it while in office, defaming her," said Reuters. "That decision reaffirms the position the department took under the Trump administration. And it has profound implications for several ongoing lawsuits, including one filed by two U.S. Capitol Police officers seeking to hold Trump liable for injuries they suffered defending the building in the Jan. 6 attack."

But Kirschner is saying, not so fast.

"I can't see how the DOJ could possibly assert that launching at insurrection to stop the certification of a presidential election is WITHIN THE SCOPE OF A PRESIDENT'S OFFICIAL DUTIES! (sic)" he tweeted. "That would be an absurd, unjust, indefensible litigation position, [in my opinion]."