Miami cop tells Black motorist 'this is how you guys get killed' during aggressive traffic stop

A Miami-Dade police officer is now on desk duty after video surfaced showing him telling a Black man he pulled over, "This is how you guys get killed out here," NBC Miami reports.

The traffic stop took place on Wednesday, and as NBC Miami points out, some see the officer's words as a threat to the man's life, while others say the officer was just upset that he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, which driver Gerardson Nicolas admits he wasn't wearing one.

"Give me your driver’s license, registration and insurance. If not you will not be going to work today. Simple thing man. This is how you guys get killed out here man," the officer tells him.

"What? Say that again? Say what you just said," Nicolas replies.

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"Registration and insurance," the officer says.

"I was scared, I was scared. I didn’t think my life was going to make it," Nicholas told NBC Miami. "When he asked me for my license, open the door, I started recording. I was looking for my stuff, my license because I didn’t see my wallet. I was looking for my wallet and that wasn’t my car, that was my mom’s car and I didn’t know where the registration was, I was looking, looking. He got mad."

Watch the video below: