Michael Cohen: Steve Bannon is a racist 'maniac' who thinks Trump is an 'idiot'
Michael Cohen testifying under oath before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (screengrab)

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen recently accused Steve Bannon of being "racist to the core."

Cohen made the remarks on the Hot Mics podcast with host Maria Cardona.

"So Steve Bannon is a really interesting guy," Cohen opined. "Steve is really not who you think that he is. People say he seems like a nice quiet guy. In fact, Steve Bannon is a f--king racist to the core. He's no different than Steve Miller. He is a f--king maniac to the Nth degree."

Cohen praised Attorney General Merrick Garland for charging Bannon with contempt of Congress after he refused to testify before the Jan. 6 Committee.

"Look, he's not the leader," he said. "His leader is Donald Trump. But what does he really think about Donald Trump? The question that a lot of people don't get into."

Cohen added: "He thinks Donald is an idiot. Alright?"

Listen to the audio clip below.