Former Trump lawyer: There will be an indictment 'relatively soon'
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Former lawyer to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, walked through the reasons he thinks that the former president would steal documents from the U.S. government and haul them back to his country club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Speaking to MSNBC on Wednesday, Cohen explained that there are a lot of reasons, but the one he thinks is the most likely is that Trump was using it as leverage in the event that he got indicted.

Host Joy Reid said that up until now Trump has been known as "Teflon-Don," bragging that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. He doesn't pay taxes, she explained. His father didn't pay taxes. He has defrauded insurance companies, taxpayers and the IRS, according to Reid.

"No one will stop him," she said. "He's untouchable."

"I'm not so sure I would agree with that statement. Yes, he's gotten away with so much already from obstruction of justice, witness tampering, tax fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and misrepresentations," said Cohen. "He's gotten away with a litany of things and however, and this makes me scratch my head. The taking of classified documents, I mean, nuclear top secret documents should no longer be a Republican versus a Democratic issue, and I listened to all of the pundits on television whether, you know, it's this station, CNN, Fox, listen to them all. This is an American issue, and I don't understand what we're doing. It's not a question of whether the law is being applied equally to all. It is not. For God's sake. The DOJ, they are tiptoeing around Donald as if he was the king, right? The supreme leader or a monarch..."

He went on to say that the idea that Trump is above the law cannot be true.

"I do think there's going to be an indictment and relatively soon," Cohen predicted. "I believe there will also be congressional hearings with Donald in the hot seat where, you know, either he'll come in willingly which I don't think he will or via subpoena. I mean, the real questions that they have to be asking right now is, you know, where are the documents that were in the empty top secret files that were found at Mar-a-Lago? I mean, that's really the big question, and who did Donald give them to or show them to."

He also noted that since the early days of Trump's administration he's considered Trump "a clear and present danger for the national security and safety of this country, and if this doesn't prove it I'm not sure anything will. So, I agree with you but I don't agree with you that he won't be held accountable for this. This is too big at this point in time."

One of the pieces of information in the Washington Post report was that nuclear information seems to be linked to nuclear information about another country. It poses a question about which country it could be, as there aren't many other countries with nuclear capabilities.

"So, this is all about power for Donald Trump. This is all about him still remaining relevant and exerting the power over the United States as extortion in the event you indict me or members of my family, if you indict me or try to incarcerate me, I have nuclear secrets that I have instructed some of my followers to turn over to our adversaries," Cohen suggested. "That's what I believe. It's all about him maintaining power not just in this country but in foreign countries as well. The dangerous part that we're all doing right now is creating these hypotheticals. Are the nuclear secrets the secrets of Israel? And maybe he's handed them to Mohammed bin Salman and that's why they gave Jared Kushner $2.5 billion."

"That's why we have the Presidential Records Act. That's why we have laws so that we're not supposed to come up with these hypotheticals. We're supposed to know that the documents are in the possession of those who are supposed to have them, not somewhere in his office at Mar-a-Lago."

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Michael Cohen on Trump's stolen documents