'Don't question Black people's loyalty to this nation': Michael Eric Dyson goes off during CNN interview
Michael Eric Dyson on HBO's Real Time/Screenshot

Prof. Michael Eric Dyson explained on CNN on Friday why it makes no sense to blame Black Americans for the problems caused by white nationalists.

CNN senior legal analyst Laura Coates interviewed Dyson about Americas racism problem following the shooting massacre in Buffalo.

Coates asked Dyson about bridging the gap in America.

"Well, look," Dyson began, "the great historian Stevland Morse, better known as Stevie Wonder, said the 'First man to die, for the flag we now hold high, was a Black man.' Crispus Attucks. So there he was, a formerly enslaved Black man, was the first to die for the freedom of America."

"Don't be trying to lecture Black people about loyalty to this nation," he said.

"We were loyal to this nation when this nation refused to feed us, treated us like chattal slavery, denounced us, dehumanized us, otherized us, and we stood tall," he reminded.


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