Trump supporter told FBI he tasered Officer Fanone to ‘protect’ him from mob: ‘I’m just not smart’
Officer Michael Fanone (Screengrab)

The FBI interview transcript of their interrogation of a Trump supporter accused of tasing Officer Michael Fanone on January 6th shows the various excuses the suspect made for his conduct.

Federal prosecutors have charged Daniel Rodriguez with eight counts, including assault on an officer.

"So how did the Danny that stood on the line in between law enforcement and Antifa/BLM, how did you get to that point? What happened in your life? Like, how did you start going to these rallies?" Rodriguez was asked.

"Infowars," Rodriguez replied.

He also addressed why he tasered Officer Fanone.

"So you think that Officer Fanone's being carried out, held by his arms and legs. Why did you taser him?" the FBI asked. "You said he was struggling."

"And you chose to assault him while he's struggling?" the agent asked.

"Well, I just felt that, like -- I didn't know what they were going to do to him," Rodriguez replied.

"And so, you tasered him to protect him?" the FBI asked.

"I mean, that sounds stupid. I don't know if I tasered him to protect him, but maybe just to, like -- so he wouldn't struggle and get hurt, maybe. If they're going to beat him up or injury him or, like -- I don't know if they're going to -- I don't know what was going to happen to him," he replied.

An agent pleaded with the suspect to be honest.

"Then, tell us what happened. Don't leave the story be this crappy story that you're telling us right now, that you were just there to help him and taser him," the agent said.

"I'm not smart," Rodriguez said.

"Think about your mom," the agent said.

"No. I'm just not smart," he said. "I'm not lying to you guys."

The suspect's views on his own intelligence were repeated later in the interview.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't know that we were doing the wrong thing. I thought we were doing the f*cking right thing. I thought we were going to be -- I'm so stupid. I thought I was going to be awesome. I thought I was a good guy," Rodriguez said.

"Am I mental? Am I? Am I just that stupid?" Rodriguez asked. "Did we all really just -- are we all that stupid that we thought we were going to go do this and save the country and it was all going to be fine after? We really thought that. That's so stupid, huh?"

The transcript was reportedly released by Rodriguez' lawyer.

Video of the attack was played at Trump's second impeachment trial.

Fanone also testified before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.