WATCH: Korean-American news anchor reacts in shock as viewer attacks her for 'being very Asian'
KSDK/screen grab

Korean-American KSDK anchor Michelle Li reacted with shock on Saturday after a viewer complained that she was "being very Asian."

In an Instagram post, Li shared feedback from one viewer about a segment she presented on traditional New Year's Day foods. As the segment concluded, Li noted that she ate "dumpling soup" because "that's what a lot of Korean people do."

"I kind of take offense to that," the woman viewer complained. "Because what if one of your white anchors said will white people eat this on New Year's Day? I don't think it was appropriate that she said that and she's being very Asian and I don't know. She can keep her Korean to herself."

"It was annoying because if a white person would say that, they would get fired," she added.

Li shared a video of herself listening to the feedback. She appeared to be shocked by the woman's complaints.

"We should all be given the chance to bring our full humanity to the table," she wrote on Instagram.

Watch the video below.