White woman arrested after spewing racial slurs and punching manager at Miami Beach hotel
Miami Beach Police Department

A New York woman was arrested over the weekend after she used racial slurs and assaulted the manager of a Miami Beach hotel.

An arrest report obtained by Local 10 said that Michelle Misakyants, 35, left her luggage with the hotel on Saturday morning and was drunk when she later returned.

Misakyants became angry after hotel employees refused to let her check in because her reservations were for the next day.

"She repeatedly got upset, spewing racial slurs at an employee and later punching the hotel manager over a luggage cart," Local 10 reported.

Misakyants is also accused of kicking officers who responded to the incident.

She is now facing charges, including "battery on a police officer, resisting with violence, disorderly conduct and depriving an officer of means of protection or communication," Local 10 said.