Arizona Republican state senator who opposed Trump's 'audit' abruptly resigns as chair of key committee
Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (Facebook)

An Arizona Republican state senator who criticized the Trump-backed "audit" of her state has abruptly stepped down as chairwoman of a key committee.

According to Arizona Capitol Times reporter Nathan Brown, State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita on Friday resigned as chair of the Senate Government Committee.

Ugenti-Rita did not give a specific reason for her resignation, but she wrote in her resignation that "my longstanding commitment to advancing real election integrity legislation is what drives me."

Brown notes that Ugenti-Rita's resignation "comes after some public conflict between her and the committee's vice chairwoman Townsend over election bills."

Earlier this year, Ugenti-Rita was booed during a Turning Point USA conference for saying that she opposed continuing the "audit," which failed to show that former President Donald Trump was cheated out of an election victory through voter fraud.

See the video of Ugenti-Rita getting booed below.