Hundreds of conservative activists demand ouster of GOP 'traitor' who dared to say Trump is responsible for losing in 2020

More than 550 conservative activists are backing a move to censure and remove a high-ranking Michigan Republican Party official for daring to reject the notion that the 2020 election was stolen and instead blaming Donald Trump for his loss, MLive reports.

According to rallygoers who gathered outside the state party's headquarters in Lansing on Tuesday, Michigan GOP Executive Director Jason Roe is a "traitor."

Roe's trouble with his party stem from remarks he made where he said Trump "blew" the 2020 election.

"My frustration in hearing people be so angry about the outcome is that up until about two weeks until the end of the election, the president was seemingly doing everything he could to lose a winnable race. So, yeah, I do feel that way," Roe told MIRS News.

According to MLive, conservative activists "have been on a hunt to purge the RINOs -- Republicans in name only -- within their party."

"Heads need to roll," national delegate for Trump Debra Ell said in an interview.

"Ell claimed 550 precinct delegates signed on the resolution to remove Roe, which would represent less than one-tenth of the more than 4,800 precincts in Michigan," MLive reports. "A former precinct delegate told MLive they were asked for their signature despite no longer holding the position. Ell said roughly 50 people attended the Tuesday rally."

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