Michigan GOP lawmaker faces misdemeanor assault charges after he 'inappropriately touched' nurse practitioner

Republican Michigan State Sen. John Bizon is facing misdemeanor assault charges after he allegedly "inappropriately touched" a nurse practitioner.

The Lansing State Journal reports that police allege Bizon inappropriately touched the nurse practitioner this past August while she was explaining a medication regimen to him.

"The nurse practitioner told police that while she was explaining the medication, Bizon put his right arm around her, placed his right hand on her waist and pulled her toward his body," writes the Lansing State Journal. "Bizon then squeezed her waist with his right hand and told her he was an otolaryngologist, or an ear, nose and throat doctor."

After the incident, the nurse practitioner talked about Bizon's behavior with a medical assistant, who said that Bizon "grabbed her arm" while she was taking his blood pressure and "told her his blood pressure was up because she was in the room."

Bizon's attorney declined to comment on the charges, and the Michigan state senator is scheduled to be arragned in January.