Michigan Republican voter suppression law would ban links to vote by mail on government website

After President Donald Trump lost his 2020 election, Republicans have looked for ways to stack the deck against Democratic voters to ensure it's more difficult to vote.

Such is the case in Michigan, where one GOP proposal would go so far as to ban links on the Secretary of State's website for people searching for vote-by-mail applications, reported The Guardian's voting rights reporter Sam Levine.

The bill was introduced by Senators Ruth Johnson, Jon Bumstead, Kim LaSata, Kenneth Horn, Lana Theis, Jim Stamas, Dale Zorn, Roger Victory, Tom Barrett, Kevin Daley, Rick Outman and Curt Vanderwall.

Sen. Johnson is the same Republican who proposed a 2018 law that similarly attacked vote-by-mail, oddly after she told the Kalamazoo Regional Chamber that there was "no widespread voter fraud" during the previous election.