Mike Lee mocked after endorsing himself in the third-person in op-ed
Sen. Mike Lee. (Photo: Screen capture)

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee was the subject of mockery on Twitter after he bizarrely endorsed himself in the third person in an op-ed for The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Mike Lee serves as a United States senator representing the state of Utah. Since taking office, Senator Lee has earned a reputation as a principled conservative. He believes elected officials are responsible for keeping the federal government within its constitutionally limited role," he wrote in the op-ed titled, Mike Lee has earned a reputation as a principled conservative.

He goes on to say that “Lee serves on various [Senate] committees important to Utah,” and “Senator Lee has fought for Utahns and their values,” and “Senator Lee has remained committed to advocating for limited government and fiscal responsibility throughout his career.”

As Mediaite points out, people on Twitter had some fun over the op-ed.

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"Mike Lee couldn’t find anyone else to call him a 'principled conservative' ... so he called himself that in an entire oped he authored himself. Unreal. Not how it works, Senator!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Can you clarify whether this was written by Senator Mike Lee or a different Mike Lee who happens to have the same name?," a Twitter user replied to The Salt Lake Tribune's post.

"In what sense is this less embarrassing than paying someone to write something nice about you?" wrote another.

Lee is facing independent candidate Evan McMullin, with polls showing Lee with a narrow lead roughly around the margin of error.