Mike Lindell claims Trump's 25% win in Alabama may not be true

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell continued to push conspiracy theories about the 2020 election while attending a Donald Trump rally in Cullman, Alabama on Saturday.

Although Lindell's prediction of Trump being "reinstated" did not come to pass, he was still repeating the unconstitutional proposition that Trump would regain power in 2021.

"This election, when it does get pulled down — you know, there were so many other downtickets effected, maybe the Supreme Court and that, they just do a whole new election," he said. "Which is fine."

"But remember everybody, we have to melt down the machines to make prison bars out of them. That's a fact," he argued.

He then spoke of a conversation he had with Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill.

"I was talking to the Alabama secretary of state and he said, 'Well, it didn't happen here, [the machines] weren't online.' It happened in every state," Lindell claimed.