Mike Lindell goes berserk announcing more ‘evidence’ of fraud: ‘The biggest breaking news bombshell proof!’
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell struggled to contain himself on Tuesday as he announced what he called "the biggest breaking news bombshell proof" of election fraud.

During an interview with conservative podcaster Steve Bannon, Lindell claimed he had "definitive proof" that voting machines were used to steal the 2020 presidential election from then-President Donald Trump. He pointed to a "forensic" report about data that was found on one voting machine in Mesa County, Colorado.

The report claimed to make the "conclusive determination" that ballots cast on voting machines should not be counted because they are not secure. Lindell is facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

Lindell argued that conservative media outlets, which have largely avoided him, would benefit from publicizing his report because they are also being sued by Dominion.

"Is your bestie, [Fox News host] Sean Hannity, finally going to have you back on the show?" Bannon asked.

"I will be texting Sean this morning," Lindell replied. "Is this news? The biggest breaking news bombshell proof. We finally have what's inside the machine."

"If they don't put it up there, they are in on it!" he said of conservative media. "This is the smoking gun bombshell evidence we've been waiting for."

"But, Mike," Bannon attempted to interrupt.

"I know what you're going to say!" Lindell complained.

"Mike, hang on," Bannon pleaded.

"If they don't put it up -- listen, Steve," Lindell jousted.

"Mike!" Bannon said.

"I'm going to answer your question!" Lindell insisted. "If they don't put it up, it doesn't mean that the evidence isn't real. It means that they're in on it! I don't know. Because it certainly does not mean that the evidence isn't real."

"We are in another time in history where good is evil, evil is good, everything is upside down!" he added. "You can't explain why judges never looked at the evidence for a whole year!"

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

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