'Forget about the evidence!' Mike Lindell blows up at CNN reporter who asks him for proof of election fraud

In a report airing Thursday evening, CNN reporter Donie O'Sullivan went to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's "Cyber Symposium" on election fraud in 2020 -- and when he pointed out the total lack of proof for any of his claims, Lindell lost his temper.

"If you're correct, if you have that evidence—" began O'Sullivan.

"No. Just forget about the evidence," snapped Lindell. "If I'm right that China took our country, right now, do you care? Would that bother you? Does that bother you?"

"You have to show the proof for it," said O'Sullivan. "If your stuff is legit — if the data is legit — wouldn't be it better for you to hand it over to as many cyber experts as possible?"

"You know what, I'll give you the answer," said Lindell. "Because I've been told that they can go out there and corrupt it and make fake stuff and put fake news out. So I don't need your people to go out and doctor the evidence and put out 'Lindell is a conspiracy theorist.' You can't sit here and do a hit piece when it's onscreen right now."

Watch below:

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