'Too crazy even for Newsmax': Internet mocks MyPillow's Mike Lindell after host leaves disaster interview
Fox News

The MyPillow CEO has been captured by QAnon conspiracy theories to such a drastic degree that he's about to experience an expensive lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

Lindell, a former crack addict who turned his life into crafting "overpriced" and "sub-par" pillows, according to critics, has made millions that he's given to former President Donald Trump.

But things got even crazier during Lindell's Tuesday appearance on Newsmax, when he loudly tried to repeat his conspiracy theories talking over host Bob Sellers. The host ultimately walked off the set after he tried to kill the interview, presumably fearing litigation against the network.

The internet broke into hysterics talking about how Lindell is now too crazy for Newsmax.

See the comments below:

And then the mock Lindell account for the win: