Mike Lindell rages at Newsmax 'cowards' after even they balk at covering his latest election lawsuits

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's latest quest against the results of the 2020 elections involves filing lawsuits aimed at throwing out voting machines across the United States.

While appearing on Steve Bannon's "War Room" podcast, however, Lindell lashed out at right-wing media outlets whom he accused of ignoring his new crusade.

"Since Friday, since this case dropped, the left media is the ones that have picked it up!" Lindell complained. "You have Business Insider, Newsweek, these guys did articles. Where's Fox News? Where are they to report this?"

Bannon then asked Lindell to speculate on why Fox News and Newsmax have given nothing but "total crickets" on his lawsuit.

"Fox, I believe they're just traitors to the country," he replied. "And I believe Newsmax are cowards. Simple as that -- cowards and traitors, cowards and traitors."

Despite his bold claims, none of Lindell's lawsuits so far have been successful, including a much-hyped effort last year that he promised would get heard by the United States Supreme Court before it eventually petered out with a whimper.

Watch the video below.

Mike Lindell rages at Newsmax 'cowards' after even they balk at airing his latest election lawsuits www.youtube.com

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