'Very suspicious': Mike Lindell scrambles with conspiracy theories after Supreme Court lawsuit is delayed
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell offered excuses on Tuesday after a lawsuit challenging the 2020 presidential election was not filed at the Supreme Court as he had claimed.

Lindell is on record promising that multiple state attorneys general would sign onto the lawsuit before it was filed on Tuesday. But by late Tuesday morning, there had been no filings with the court.

During an appearance on Real America's Voice on Tuesday, Lindell said that details of the lawsuit would be revealed on Thanksgiving Day during a 96-hour telethon on his FrankSpeech website.

"We're flying around the last couple of days -- it's been very chaotic," Lindell told host Steve Bannon. "We do have a full copy of the complaint with any of the changes that they needed and we're going to have a great update for you."

"I've seen the complaint. It is epic," he added.

Lindell insisted that he had set Tuesday as an artificial deadline for the complaint because he wanted to "put pressure" on the attorneys general. But he suggested that Covid-19 had delayed the process.

"I met many AGs," he said. "I was on the phone with four of them yesterday and some of them have so much going on right now that last Friday they gave them until today to fighting [sic] these mandates where kids had to take the vaccine."

"You know a lot of things are happening out there that are very suspicious," the pillow executive added, "almost trying to slow these guys down. It is kind of like herding cats. You have different ones at different levels. I do have some -- a couple -- which I don't want to announce right now that said straight-up we're not going to do it."

Lindell asserted that it was "very disturbing" to have attorneys general reject his lawsuit for "no reason." He speculated that they "don't want to help save our country."

"What else would it be?" he asked. "I don't get it."

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