mike pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence doesn't have a chance joining the ticket again with Donald Trump in 2024, the ex-president has said. Still, Pence is desperately trying to get the Trump crowd to like him.

Appearing on the Fox network Sunday, Pence alleged that President Joe Biden had done more to destroy the United States than any president in history. He didn't give a list of examples, but presumably, he doesn't mean the nearly 8 million jobs created, record reduction in unemployment, and reestablishing the U.S. reputation abroad. Ironically, the Biden administration also decreased the deficit in its first year. Still, Pence complains.

It was something that prompted viewers to ask why Pence is clinging to voters he's never going to win.

The main consensus was that Pence doesn't have a shot in 2024, while others rushed to remind folks that Pence isn't a hero.