'Wow Dan Quayle comes to the rescue of the republic': MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell shocked by new book revelations

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell and Michael Schmitt of NY Times reported on revelations being published in Bob Woodward's latest book "Peril," which consists of over 200 interviews in the final days of Donald Trump's administration.

Among the things mentioned was that Vice President Mike Pence was getting a lot of pressure from Trump and his allies to stop the certification of the 2020 election at the joint session on Jan. 6. He sought advice from former Vice President Dan Quayle about Trump's demand to refuse to certify the election, asking if he could actually do that.

Quayle reportedly said, "absolutely not. You cannot do anything. You have to follow this."

"And Pence is saying, well, is there any way that I could delay it?" said Schmitt.

"I do know the position you're in," Quayle said. "I also know what the law is. You listen to the parliamentarian. That's all you do. You have no power."

"Then Pence says look, you know, he said there are these problems with voter questions in Arizona and Quayle says hey, I'm in Arizona. No problems with the election results here. It just shows you that Pence was either struggling deeply to deal with the pressure he was facing from Trump or he was more open to this or whatever it was, but it is a very, very stark picture of these days and what Mike Pence was under," Schmitt continued.

Mitchell was shocked by the revelations that Dan Quayle was responsible for helping ensure the election was certified given he's generally mocked for not being that intelligent.

"Wow," said Mitchell, "Dan Quayle comes to the rescue of the republic."

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