Mike Pence offers a name when asked who told him to 'buck' Trump and certify the vote

Former Vice President Mike Pence was pressed on why he did not overturn the election results at a Young America's Foundation event at the University of Iowa.

An individual who identified himself as "Jared" prefaced his question by noting it would be "a little long."

"On January 5th, you were convinced that the election was correctly stolen," Jared claimed. "You, Trump, Peter Navarro, John Eastman, and others had a plan on the morning of the 6th to send the certification back to the states."

"On the night of the 5th or the morning of the 6th, someone in the White House convinced you that it would destroy your hopes of becoming president if you sent it back to the states. My question is what is the name of the person who told you to buck President Trump's plan and certify the votes?" Jared asked.

"James Madison," Pence responded, referring to the "Father of the Constitution."

Pence's visit to Iowa sparked 2023 conversation.

"It is Pence's second visit to Iowa since he and Trump carried the state but lost the Electoral College in the 2020 election," the Des Moines Register reported. "The specter of Trump hangs over the entire field of potential candidates, some of whom have said they would not run for president if Trump seeks another term. But it is especially pronounced for Pence, who has tried to claim credit for the policy successes of the Trump administration while managing the fallout of the Jan. 6 attacks."