Mike Pence praises woman posing as Jan. 6 insurrectionist: 'I love your heart'
Lauren Windsor/Twitter/screen grab

Former Vice President Mike Pence was caught on video complimenting a woman who he thought attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Journalist Lauren Windsor shared a video in which she posed as a Jan. 6 rioter during a discussion with Pence in Nebraska over the weekend.

"We were there on Jan. 6 and we were just wondering why you didn't stop the election from being stolen," Windsor can be heard asking Pence in the video.

"Read the Constitution," Pence advises. "The only authority Congress has is to open and count. The Electoral College votes are certified by the states. We never want Washington, D.C. to run our elections. States run the elections."

"But do you think the election was stolen or not?" Windsor presses. "Because, I mean, we were there fighting for President Trump."

Pence responds by claiming that there were "a lot of irregularities that are being fixed at state levels."

"I love your heart," Pence says as he concludes his conversation with Windsor.

Watch the video below.