Mike Pence evades Jan. 6 questions when confronted by reporters at Ohio energy roundtable: report
Pence photo via AFP

On Thursday, WLWT reported that former Vice President Mike Pence was confronted by reporters asking for comment on the January 6 hearings during a roundtable on energy policy in Cincinnati, Ohio — and blew them off.

Pence was there to attack the Biden administration for the current increase in gas prices — but wasn't willing to discuss his role in preventing former President Donald Trump from overturning the 2020 presidential election.

"More than once during his opening remarks, Pence referenced former Pres. Trump, who's under intense scrutiny for the role he played before, during and after the insurrection that rocked Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021," said the report. "'We know how to unleash American energy. We did it during the Trump-Pence administration,' he said."

"What Pence declined to do was say one word about Thursday's committee hearing in Washington. The former vice president's role in certifying the 2020 election result was in sharp focus in D.C., as were threats made against his life when a mob stormed the halls of Congress," said the report. "WLWT investigator Todd Dykes asked Pence to comment on the hearing, which was happening simultaneously."

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"Vice President Pence, do you have any word?" asked Dykes, only for a person to move him away, saying, "Pack it up. No questions. Let's go," and the press gaggle was escorted out of the room.

Pence is facing mounting calls to testify directly about the events of January 6, with former RNC official Tim Miller arguing it is the only way to "finish the job."