Mike Pence knows if he 'keeps his mouth shut' the Capitol rioters won't bother him again: GOP ex-staffer
Mike Pence (Screen Capture)

On CNN Wednesday, former Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter suggested that former Vice President Mike Pence knows to "keep his mouth shut" so that he can have a future in GOP politics — and so that the angry mob that came after him during the Capitol invasion will make peace with him.

Enraged by Pence's refusal to reject his duty to count the votes certifying Joe Biden the winner, the mob chanted "Hang Mike Pence" and even built a gallows outside the Capitol. Pence reportedly fell out with Trump over inciting the riot that endangered his life, although sources now say they have patched up their relationship to an "amicable" state.

"I think Mike Pence would like to be president," said Carpenter. "Realistically, he probably never will, but what he does know is that if he keeps his mouth shut, the mob that came after him on January 6th won't come after him again. He will have a safe, comfortable life in the warm bath of the conservative movement at think tanks and conservative media, but they will never ask him a tough question about the events that he witnessed that led up to the insurrection and what it felt like to become a victim of it."

"Like, he has a safe comfortable life if he just keeps his mouth shut and waves the flag for Trump," added Carpenter. "That's what he's aiming for. Anything after that, gravy."

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