'Thirsty buffoon' Mike Pompeo mocked for using Fox News as his 2024 rehabilitation gig: 'No one would hire him'

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the latest from Donald Trump's administration to join Fox News as the network moves to fight the ratings battle against Trump-friendly outlets Newsmax and OAN.

After a scandal-plagued leadership at the State Department, Pompeo could be seeking to rehabilitate his image among voters who might support his presidential aspirations. In March, Pompeo met with Iowa Caucus voters a full three years ahead of the next caucus. Earlier that month, Pompeo hosted an online chat with New Hampshire Republicans at a fundraiser for Merrimack Town Councilor Bill Boyd, who is running in a special congressional election.

"As Granite State political watchers say '2024 is definitely getting underway,'" said the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Those reading the news about Pompeo's new contract with Fox turned the conversation to rebuilding his image and Fox's desperation to recapture disaffected Trump supporters who are still angry about the network calling Arizona for Biden.

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