Mike Pompeo is trying to make inroads to big GOP donors: 'He's basically already running'

Mike Pompeo is making inroads with large New York Republican donors as he funds his super PAC "Champion American Values," reported CNBC on Thursday.

Pompeo has been traveling to early primary and caucus states like Iowa to New Hampshire but also to states like Texas and Nebraska. He'll certainly need it, according to the latest conservative straw poll, support for Pompeo fell behind Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

"He's basically already running for the presidency," one person familiar with the meetings told CNBC.

Trump hasn't said if he'll run for president in 2024 but he's been teasing a rematch as he tries to fundraise into his super PAC. It's possible that Pompeo doesn't believe that Trump will be able to handle a grueling campaign schedule while he's dealing with litigation.

"Many of those heading to New York to connect with donors are part of the same group of possible 2024 contenders who took part in a meeting with political financiers in Texas," said CNBC. They also reported that there was a recent event organized by Karl Rove.

Pompeo left the administration ensconced in scandal after he was found to have misused the State Department for his own purposes. When the inspector general began looking into complaints, Pompeo demanded he be fired. Ethics groups then asked the FBI to investigate Pompeo for misconduct in the firing.

Ultimately, a State Department inspector general delivered a report showing over 100 instances of misconduct that "had no apparent connection to the official business of the Department."