CNN's Chris Cuomo slams Mike Pompeo for absurd claim that Biden wasn't tough enough on Putin
Mike Pompeo

On CNN Wednesday, anchor Chris Cuomo tore into former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for suggesting that President Joe Biden is not tough enough on Vladimir Putin.

"Of course, Putin's work of weakening our country is being done for him, right? By the rabid right," said Cuomo. "Another sign of how pathetic our politics are, Trumpers who sat quiet while Trump tossed this country under the bus with Putin in Helsinki. He threw us under the bus. They said nothing. Now they say, Biden isn't being tough enough on Putin." He played a clip of Pompeo on Fox News.

"He is a trained propagandist, and you didn't have an American president standing up there and saying, wait a minute, that's not right," said Pompeo in the clip.

"Are you kidding me?" said Cuomo furiously. "I hope he runs for president. I really do. I hope he runs for president. I want to see somebody who will have an amazing pedigree, and Pompeo does. He does from West Point on, CIA, top diplomat. Are you kidding me? You want to be a leader and you're going to lie to Americans' faces like that? About how Biden didn't say anything strong enough? When you let Trump say that he believes Putin more than his own intel, and you said nothing. Come on. Come on!"

"When is it enough for you guys?" said Cuomo. "When are you going to say it's a game, we know it is BS, and we don't allow it in any other part of our life because this part matters."

Watch below:

Chris Cuomo slams Mike Pompeo for suggesting Biden is soft on Putin