'All lies': Mississippi health chief hammers conspiracy theorists for spreading lies about his son

Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the Public Health doctor for Mississippi took to Twitter Tuesday to correct the many conspiracy theories that are being spread about him and his family.

"I have received some threatening phone calls and want to clarify any confusion there may be with some conspiracy theories going around," Dobbs wrote.

One claim is that his son works with Dr. Anthony Fauci, which isn't true. The doctor's son is going to medical school and he and his wife live in Washington, D.C.

"Imaginative, no doubt. But all lies," Dobbs explained about the idea that his son works for Fauci.

Another theory was that his daughter-in-law was working for the World Bank Group, which somehow ties back to Chinese loans and accusations that the virus was some kind of biological weapon. The conspiracy theorists falsely claim that Dobbs and his family are getting kickbacks every time he recommends the vaccines, which they say he then uses to fund his daughter's education.

It turns out she worked at the WBG before graduate school and doesn't work there anymore, as she is getting her MBA.

"They are completing their studies through their own personal finances. There are no WBG funds involved. I am very proud of them both," Dr. Dobbs tweeted.

Just last month, Dobbs warned the state that they should prepare for a second wave of the coronavirus.

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