Mother loses her 2-year-old in tornado while giving birth to her second child: report
Illustration of a tornado causing destruction [Shutterstock]

The mother of a 2-year-old daughter who was killed in a Mississippi tornado last week was at a hospital giving birth to her second child, CNN reports.

Dominique Green left 2-year-old Aubrey with her mother while she was on the way to a local hospital to give birth to her son.

Her mother was watching three other grandchildren — and two young children of her own — when the tornado tore the mobile home apart, the report said.

Aubrey was among 21 people killed over the weekend amid an outbreak of storms and tornados. Kaleb, an 8-year-old boy who was also at the mobile home, suffered a severe brain injury and as of Tuesday was on a ventilator at an intensive care unit.

JoAnn Winston, a neighbor in the mobile home park, said residents didn’t know what hit them.

“I heard something like a train … my older son was saying ‘Get down on the floor! get down on the floor!’” Winston said.