Arrested Trump supporter threatened Mitch McConnell’s grandkids on Parler: DOJ
MItch McConnell (AFP)

On Monday, George Washington University Program on Extremism analyst Seamus Hughes reported that the FBI has arrested Brad Houck, an Oklahoma Trump supporter who has made public death threats against a number of government officials on Facebook and alternative social-media site Parler.

According to the complaint, Houck targeted Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his family, writing on Parler, "hey mitch, how are your grandkids doing?" He also went after Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, saying, "Hey justice Roberts, we are coming for you and your illegal adopted kids!! finished! they will get to watch you hang"

Houck also called for executing pharmaceutical executives "on the spot" and killing them "like animals" for "committing attempted murder for years," saying that "slimy" politicians in both parties "are not going to make it," and proclaiming that "WE MUST STORM THAT CAPITAL [sic] AND REMOVE THESE PEOPLE BY FORCE!"

The storming of the Capitol in early January, launched by Trump supporters and paramilitary extremist groups in response to the certification of the election for President Joe Biden, has led to the arrest of dozens of people on state and federal charges, and resulted in an impeachment trial against the former president himself for inciting the chaos.