FBI nabs couch-surfing Capitol rioter who had a 'de facto leadership role' in the pro-Trump insurrection
Mitchell Todd Gardner. (DOJ photos)

Mitchell Todd Gardner II, who prosecutors describe as having no fixed address, was charged with destruction of government property for allegedly breaking a window with a cannister at the Capitol on January 6.

The FBI report arrest report includes multiple photos showing Gardner using the "red cannister in a black case" to break a large window, and to spray officers with its contents, which were not identified. Gardner, previously a resident of Seffner, FL in the Tampa Bay area, was arraigned Friday before a federal judge,

The Tampa Bay Times reported.

"The government expressed concern that Gardner might flee if released," the newspaper reported. "He was described as having a hefty monthly income through his job with a roofing company. He also owns a 2017 BMW, the government said.

"He got married last year but is in the process of separating from his wife and has been "staying in hotels, and essentially couch surfing with friends," the prosecutor said. He has no local family members."

'In the last few weeks, federal agents have been covertly watching Gardner's activities. They noted that he hasn't visited his Seffner home since early May and that he took two out-of-town trips in June — one to California and one to Ohio. He had a one-way plane ticket to California when he was arrested Friday at Tampa International Airport, the government said."

And there was this from the Times:

"The prosecutor described Gardner as having taken a "de facto leadership role" in the riots. He was seen on a ledge outside the Senate portion of the building, using a red canister in a black case to break a window, according to a statement of facts that accompanied a criminal complaint. He then entered the building and gestured for others to join him. Gardner was also seen spraying an unknown liquid from the canister at Capitol police officers, the complaint states.

"He admitted to a witness that he was at the Capitol and that "things got a little crazy," according to the complaint. The prosecutor alluded to video footage that shows Gardner's participation.

"The defendant's facial expression says it all," she said. "This is someone who is rejoicing in his unlawful conduct."

Gardner remained in custody over the weekend in Pinellas County, FL but was to be taken by U.S. marshals to Washington D.C. to consider whether he should be released on bail.

You can read the FBI criminal complaint here.