People ask why #MitchMcConnellHatesAmericans as he kills $2,000 stimulus checks
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (AFP/File / NICHOLAS KAMM)

Americans are asking why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hates Americans so much that he's refusing to allow the $2,000 COVID-19 stimulus checks bill to even come up for a vote. Five Republicans have indicated they support the checks, so it would clearly pass and funds could be sent out to Americans just in time to give a jolt to the U.S. economy. But for some reason, McConnell won't allow a vote on the checks alone. He's trying to kill the bill by adding amendments to it that make people not want to vote on it.

It's the reason that #MitchMcConnellHatesAmericans was trending nationally on Twitter in the United States Wednesday afternoon.

Progressive group Meidas Touch added a video that attacked Republicans for their continued efforts to hurt Americans suffering through the coronavirus pandemic.

It comes less than a week before Georgia voters finish voting in the runoff for two U.S. Senate candidates who will determine the balance of power in the chamber. With two Democrats elected and McConnell no longer in charge of the docket, Democrats would pass the $2,000 stimulus, said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

Everyone agrees on the $2,000 stimulus. McConnell is the only one who is refusing to allow an up or down vote.

See the furious attacks on McConnell below: