Rep. Mo Brooks finally got served in Swalwell lawsuit — but he's crying it was illegal
Rep. Mo Brooks. (CSPAN screenshot)

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has named Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) in his civil lawsuit against leaders who spoke to the Jan. 6 crowd that led them to a violent attack on the U.S Capitol. Brooks has been in hiding, avoiding being served in the lawsuit, and Swalwell was forced to hire a private investigator to track down Brooks.

Finally, this weekend, Brooks was served through his wife, but he's crying foul, claiming that the process server violated the law and illegally came into his home.

It's unclear what Brooks considers sneaking into his home. It's possible that Brooks' wife attempted to slam the door and the server stuck their foot in the door. It's unclear how Brooks' accusations will work out in the end. It's clear that he's been terrified of Swalwell as he's been in hiding for over a month. It's unknown what he's hiding that he doesn't want to be subpoenaed.